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It can be difficult to find examples of everyday cycling in Sydney.

Here are some women who have put effort into increasing the diversity of everyday cycling imagery.



Veloaporter (Sarah), Sydney

Sarah says "I decided to start this blog in January 2015 because people were always commenting on my attire while on my bicycle. I think it’s possible to ride and look elegant without needing special “bicycle clothing.” My goal is to encourage more people to bicycle for life and with style every day."


Humans On Bicycles, Sydney

Capturing the beauty, joy + freedom of people riding bicycles. Followers can submit photos.


Frocks on Bikes, Jillian, Perth

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Belles, Pedals and Chains, Perth & Various

"Welcome to a little blog about bike streetstyle in Perth, Australia. In one of the most isolated cities in the world, where car is king, there is a wonderful undercurrent of change...people are reclaiming the bike and doing it in style!"

Website | Instagram

Sydney Cycle Chic



Bike Stylish, Jeanne, Boulder

"At Bike Stylish we promote cycling as fun attainable, and even aspirational; helping those who are on the fence about biking to understand how they can get around easily by bike and still look just as good (if not better) than when driving a car.

Website | Facebook

38 Days of Bike Style - "My attempt to make riding your bike be seen as stylish and aspirational and so I created my 38 days (originally 30 days) of #BikeStylish. For 38 days I took a photo of the clothing I wore on my bike. Often this was professional clothing or evening wear. I wanted to show my friends that I could be just as stylish and sexy riding my '73 Maserati road bike as I could be behind the wheel of some sports car. I got a lot of wonderful feedback and had a lot of fun with the project." - Video | Blog post

Let's Go Ride A Bike, Dottie and Trisha, Chicago and Nashvillle

If we can do it, anyone can — as you’ll no doubt realize when you read our posts. We hope this blog will encourage others, especially women to give cycling a shot. You might be surprised by how easily it fits into your life…

Website | Youtube

One woman. Many bicycles, Janet, California

"I’m a woman who owns a bike to suit her every mood: from dressing up for work on my Dutch bike, to carving down hills on my road bike, to hauling groceries across town on my errand bike, to cruising the trails on my custom mountain bike, to mixing it up racing cyclocross. How many bikes would that be? Well, let’s just say that I have one for every day of the week, and if it’s more than that I’m not claiming it."


Bike Pretty, Melissa, San Francisco

"As much as I loved sharing my own take on functional fashion, the best part of blogging was finding other people who were passionate about bikes, clothes, and how to use both to express themselves. Anyone can Bike Pretty: it starts with knowing we stand out from the crowd and feeling really great about that! We never know what we’ll encounter on a ride, but we know we’ll look ever so charming in the photos. ;)"



Tziporah Salamon

A designer, raconteur, model, and legendary New York style icon-about-town, Tziporah is a favorite subject of such acclaimed photographers and artists as The New York Times Bill Cunningham, Ike’ Ude’, and Ari Seth Cohen. She elevates the act of dressing to an art form and whether styling herself or others, her creations are beautiful, harmonious and always original. Tziporah is often spotted on a bicycle.


The Sartorialist

Scott is a well known fashion photographer / blogger who happens to capture people on bicycles.



Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic® began its bloglife back in June 2007 when urban mobility expert and CEO for Copenhagenize Design Company, Mikael Colville-Andersen decided to put a growing number of his photos about Copenhagen's bicycle culture into one place on the internet. This launched a global movement, a fashion trend and the imminent return of the bicycle as transport to the urban landscape.


New Zealand[edit]

Frocks on Bikes,

Frocks On Bikes exists to help you get on a bike. No stress, no fuss, no need for lycra. Just freedom, convenience, and fun – in your own style!


Wellington Cycle Chic