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Report a faulty traffic signal (eg. it doesn’t detect bicycles).

Contact Transport for NSW traffic line on 131 700 (press option 4). You will need: signal location (or the number on the signal box) and fault details (eg. detector on southern approach doesn't pick up bikes). All traffic signal detectors should be able to pick up bikes if you are waiting on the centre line of the detection loop (where the two rectangles meet).

See this good video by RMS/Transport for NSW on how bicycle detection at traffic signals works. On cycleways, you need to _stay_ on the loop - if you move forward, it will cancel the call for a bicycle green light. While newer 'quadruple loop' detectors can detect your bike anywhere in the box, the older double loops are less sensitive and it is best to line up your wheels along the centre cut. Sometimes the best location to wait has diamonds painted there to let you know.

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