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It is useful to be aware of the relevant Standards & Guidelines, as they can be used as concrete discussion points when raising concerns.

Sometimes it is useful to be aware of the Standards & Guidelines used in other locations, as they may be more sophisticated and contain more ideas & options to be explored.



Austroads undertakes leading-edge road and transport research which provides input to policy development and published guidance on the design, construction and management of the Australasian road network and its associated infrastructure. They publish guides to traffic engineering and traffic management. Some are available for free download (after registering). If the document you want is not free, you may be able to access it for free through your library.

Here are some of our favourites:

Austroads Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides contains information that relates to the planning, design and traffic management of cycling facilities and is sourced from Austroads Guides, primarily the Guide to Road Design, the Guide to Traffic Management and the Guide to Road Safety. The document is intended as a guide for engineers, planners and designers involved in the planning, design, construction and management of cycling facilities. Throughout the document practitioners are referred to relevant Austroads Guides for additional information.

Guide to Road Design Part 6A - Paths for Walking & Cycling - this has lots of useful information about safe path design: widths, clearances, hazards, etc.

Bicycle Parking Facilities: Guidelines for Design and Installation

Best Practice Bicycle Parking

Cycling Infrastructure - Selected Case Studies

Bicycle Wayfinding

Bicycle Safety at Roundabouts (2017) Assessment of the Effectiveness of On-road Bicycle Lanes at Roundabouts in Australia and New Zealand (2014)

Low Cost Interventions to Encourage Cycling: Selected Case Studies (2014)

Effectiveness and Selection of Treatments for Cyclists at Signalised Intersections (2011)

Bus-Bike Interaction with the Road Network (2005)

Investigation of Cyclist Safety at Intersections (2002)

New South Wales[edit]

The NSW Bicycle Guidelines, although still referred to in many other Transport for NSW/RMS documents, has been withdrawn and can no longer be found on the web. The new guide from Transport for NSW is the Cycleway Design Toolbox. The Toolbox sets a good standard for cycling facilities for NSW and refers the user to relevant sections of Austroads Guides for more technical detail. See also Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Paths for Walking and Cycling (2021).

A useful Technical Direction from Transport for NSW on Contra-flow Bicycle Facilities and the research on which it is based. It says, "Contra-flow bicycle facilities should be assessed as a potential treatment on all local low speed, low volume one-way streets, including shared zones." and "As a recommendation only, councils may want to assess their existing one-way streets for suitability for contra-flow bicycle facilities."


Queensland are probably the most advanced Australian jurisdiction, in terms of evidence-based technical guidelines.

Selection and Design of Cycle Tracks is possibly the best Australian guidance on separated cycleways/tracks.

Providing for Cyclists on Roundabouts and Appendix B - Bicycle Crash Prediction Tool for Queensland Roundabouts. Also, Providing for people walking and riding at roundabouts (2020)

Guidance on the widths of shared paths and separated paths

Bicycle network signage and wayfinding guidelines

Raised priority crossings

More cycling and non-cycling technical guides from Queensland Cycling and walking guidelines



London Cycling Design Standards

London Streetscape Guidance


The Dutch CROW Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic is in english, and excellent, but not available on line. It can be purchased for 137 Euro

Useful blogs for learning about bicycle infrastructure design[edit]