Road Engineering Glossary

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Below are some words that you may come across when looking at plans or speaking to road engineers. Please add the terms in alphabetical order. Try and make the definitions as non technical as possible.

International Bicycle Fund - Glossary of Bicycle Transportation Terms

bollard A short post used to prevent traffic from entering an area. Can often hazardous for bicycle users. See more on the hazards of bollards

gully grate Gully is the roadside ditch used for stormwater, so gully grate is the grate for the storm drain. To increase safety for bicycle riders, it is recommended that the cross-hatching style be used to avoid bicycle tyres getting stuck. See LaDOT

flush means "level with" as in, "the cycleway is flush with the footpath, or flush with the road"

two step cycleway The two steps refers to step 1 - footpath to the cycleway, step 2 - cycleway to the road.

verge The section between the roadway and the footpath. See wikipedia