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Two-minute activism

two minutes a day to keep the cars at bay…

Report a pothole, damaged sign etc. Use an app like SnapSendSolve. Or call RMS on 131 700, press option 5. You will need: specific location details (eg. Outside number 10 Main St).

Report faulty traffic signal (eg. it doesn’t detect bicycles). Call RMS on 131 700, press option 4. You will need: signal location (or the number on the signal box) and fault details (eg. detector on southern approach doesn't pick up bikes).

Register a complaint (or compliment) about a taxi or bus driver Call the transport info line on 131 500, press option 4. You will need: your details; time and place; registration; incident details. Helpful: driver description; taxi company name.

Report a smoky vehicle Call 131 555 (business hours) with registration number, colour, make and model of the car, colour of smoke (black/grey/blue), date & time and location. Must be at least 10 seconds continuous smoke and must be NSW registered.

Request a traffic safety camera (red light + speed enforcement) where red light running is rampant Go to https://www.saferroadsnsw.com.au/haveyoursayspeedcameras.aspx

Report an illegally parked car obstructing traffic. Call RMS on 131 700, option 3. (If it is obstructing pedestrian, wheelchair, bike or bus traffic.)

Reduce speeding Call one of the following radio stations' traffic lines to report the location of “a police speed trap” where you feel cars are speeding (NB: aim is merely to increase compliance with the law)

Report a footpath problem or missing pram ramp. Call the council traffic engineer or road safety officer, or use the SnapSendSolve app.

Report a car illegally parked on the footpath. Call the council rangers. NB: A car cannot park or even stop, even partially, on a footpath or nature strip. It is illegal whether or not it is causing an obstruction. It is illegal to park even in own driveway unless wholly inside property boundary. It is illegal to park in front of any driveway entrance or pram ramp.

Let us know your favourite quick tips for improving safety.