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Courses and resources for engineers, planners, elected officials, and other professions such as health.


Designing for Pedestrians and Bicycle Riders is an excellent two day course that covers the NSW Bicycle Guidelines. It is held a few times each year.


Department of Transport and Main Roads has a number of training courses available from time to time:

- RPD418 Designing for Pedestrians and Cyclists

- RPD309 Pedestrian and Cycling Provision for Planners and Managers

- RPD308 Pedestrian Crossing Facilities and Tactile Ground Surface Indicators Design

- RPD421 Separated Cycle Tracks Masterclass


The Urban Cycling Institute at the University of Amsterdam, is focused on the science of urban cycling and offers a wide range of Bachelors and Masters courses in Geography and Urban Planning. They also offer a Summer School short course Planning the Cycling City.

In Europe, the Cycle Highway Academy courses are held every few months.

There are a number of Dutch and Danish study tours

- Bikeable City Masterclass in Copenhagen by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark

- Transport Innovation in the Netherlands by the Institute for Sensible Transport

- Hembrow Cycling Study Tours in Assen and Groningen in the Netherlands

In the US the Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Centre has information on university courses

Further reading / resources[edit]

How to Prepare a Bike Plan by RMS

NSW Bicycle Guidelines

Heart Foundation has evidence-based resources to support built environment, government and health professionals to make our cities and towns healthier places to live. These provide an essential toolbox for those concerned with, or working in the creation of, liveable places and spaces. Healthy Active By Design is another resource packed with facts and inspiring case studies.