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Why BikeResource?[edit]

If you've ever considered doing something to improve the conditions for cycling but haven't known how to help fix it, this is a resource for you!

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide information, resources and ideas to enable action to improve your city or neighbourhood for cycling.

There are many issues contributing to helping or hindering cycling - below is a mind map showing some of them. Let us know if an issue you care about isn't there, so we can add it. The aim is to have information and resources for each issue, with everyone's help to build that knowledge.

Why focus on people cycling? Cycling isn't the goal, it's part of the solution. The goal is a more liveable, humane, healthy and friendly city or neighbourhood. More people walking and cycling are key. Cycling, and making a place bicycle-friendly, can have lots of barriers, hence this resource.

This is being created for Sydney, Australia, but we hope that contributors from other cities will be able to add content relevant for other cities and places, too.

How can I help create a better environment for people to ride?[edit]

Check out some Quick Actions / Getting Started. Easy ways to get started in improving the situation for people on bicycles.

What is BikeResource?[edit]

Mind Map[edit]

Below is a starting point to map out the various issues that hinder/help the take-up of cycling in Sydney. (Click the image to select more options for viewing.)

Many issues contribute to making a cycling city


See Categories.


  See Main Issues for the list of starting topics and ideas of pages to be created.
 - Infrastructure
 - Legislation
 - more coming...

Skills / tools[edit]

 - Communication - letters, submissions
 - Getting Organised - finding out who to deal with, finding collaborators,planning a campaign, and tips on approaching others, getting funding.

How To Get Started On This Wiki[edit]

Getting Started with MediaWiki

Getting Started on BikeResource

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