End of Trip Facilities

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What is an End of Trip facility?[edit]

End-of-trip facilities are broadly described as dedicated places that support people using non-motorised ways to travel to their destination rather than driving or taking public transport. They include secure bicycle racks, lockers and change rooms where cyclists, joggers and walkers can shower, change and secure their belongings. (http://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/EndOfTripFacilities.pdf)

Public Access[edit]

Sydney Cycleways provides public bicycle pumps.

Goulburn Street car park near Central station has 9 casual use secure lockers (bring your own lock) or a secure bike cage - call Secure Parking on 02 9211 0013 to arrange an access card.

Transport Hubs[edit]

Individual bike lockers - often all booked out. Transport for NSW bike lockers

Secure bike shed access - The sheds accommodate between 20 and 50 bikes, and are free to use on a first in first served basis. Transport for NSW bike shed


UNSW provides End of Trip Facilities at their Kensington campus


[Sydney Cycleways Resources for Workplaces]

See also Cycle Logistics for Urban Consolidation Centres / Courier Hub information.