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The value of asking others, when planning a project or action[edit]

When we work out a solution to a problem, we feel sure it’s the right answer. It’s based on logical thinking and lengthy experience, right? But the way we experience things, and our motivations and barriers, can be different from others’, and we can’t see our own bias.

It is invaluable to take an approach of some in depth questioning of a sample of your target audience to test their feelings/reactions/barriers/motivators, before development and with a prototype (of your messaging, letter, or technical solution).

Who can help you? Finding collaborators[edit]

Are there others who have already tried this before? What did they learn that could help you? Two or more heads is often better than one.

Local Community Organisations[edit]

It might be worth connecting with your local bike/school/neighbourhood/issue based group, to link up with others interested in acting. Google, ask around, in person and on your social media networks.

Bicycle User Groups (BUGS)[edit]

There are groups called Bicycle User Groups that run rides and liaise with local councils to improve the environment for people cycling.

BUGs and Riding Groups affiliated with Bicycle NSW.

Facebook Groups[edit]

Have you tried searching for word combinations to find like-minded Facebook groups? sydney cyclist, sydney cycling, womens cycling


Have you tried searching social media (facebook, instagram, twitter) for word combinations on hashtags to find like-minded people? #sydneycycling, #cyclingsydney, #womenscycling, #bikesydney

Dealing with opposition / pursuading the cynics[edit]

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