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How safe is it to park your bike in Sydney?[edit]

Sydney is a generally safe city, but it is best to avoid locking your bicycle on the street for a full day or overnight.

Universities are prime targets for bicycle theft, especially if left overnight.

Shared apartment garages are also major targets for bicycle thefts.

The general guideline to use is - your bike lock should cost approximately 10% the cost of your bicycle. The more expensive the bicycle, the more expensive your lock should be.

How to find parking[edit]

One way is to use Google Maps.

Below is an example of a search for bike parking in Newtown.

Newtown bike parking.jpg

To add parking locations to Google maps:

  1. Find the location where there is bike parking that isn't on the map yet.
  2. Right click on the location and select 'Add a Missing Place'.
  3. Fill in the details:
  Name: Bike Rack
  Category: Parking area for Bicycles (appears on the menu) or Parking Lot for Bicycles (appears once submitted)
  4. Click 'Submit'.

How to get bicycle parking installed[edit]

Who manages parking?[edit]

Local Councils manage public bicycle parking such as on the footpath.

Private companies manage bicycle parking for private property such as shopping centres.

How can I get my apartment to install parking?[edit]

Contact your strata committee.

The Sydney Cycleways Bike Parking Resource may assist you.

It includes tips and resources for bike parking in residential buildings.

Types of bicycle parking[edit]

The most commonly seen types of bicycle parking in Sydney are:


Looks like an O. Suitable for attaching to any signage pole. Prevents bicycles from falling over and becoming trip hazards.

Eg. O-Ring Pole Mounted Bike Rail


Looks like a U. Suitable for installation where there is space on wide footpaths or community spaces. Often installed in 3's.

Eg. Compact and Slim Hoop Bike Rails

Bike Racks

Bike racks are often installed where many bicycles are expected, eg. workplaces, shopping centres, theatres, libraries. Should be bolted to the ground, but sometimes is not (so best to check if locking up to the outer frame).

Eg. AA Series Bike Rack

Australian Standards for Bicycle Parking[edit]

Austroads, the national body that provides guidance on a range of transport matters provides the Austroads Guide to Bike Parking.

The Austroads Guide needs to be read in conjunction with the Australian Standard AS2890.3 Bike parking.

Some local councils may create an installation guide for their contractors which partly relays the Standard but adds further info to assist in the actual installation. For example, BIKEast are urging Randwick Council to create a set of guidelines, following the inconsistent installation of some bicycle racks in the Randwick area.